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Skate Dallas 2020
200 E Stacy Rd #1350, Allen, TX 75002

June 11-14, 2020



U.S. Figure Skating Rule MR 5.11 Coach Compliance

In order to be granted access to work within U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned activities, each coach must complete the following requirements on an annual basis by July 1:

  1. Must be a current full member of U.S. Figure Skating - either through a member club or as an individual member;

  2. Must complete the coach registration process through the U.S. Figure Skating Members Only site, submit proper payment for the annual registration fee of $30 and, if 18 years of age or older, successfully pass the background screen.

  3. Must complete the appropriate CER courses (A, B, C or D) depending on the highest level of students being coached as of July 1. See rule MR 5.12.

  4. Must submit proof of current general liability insurance with limits of $1 million per occurrence/$5 million aggregate.


For Compete USA ONLY coaches - Any person, 18 and older, instructing in a U.S. Figure Skating Compete USA Program must have successfully passed the annual background screen and be registered as a Compete USA instructor member.


The local organizing committee/club will have a list of compliant coaches who are cleared for a credential at the competition.  Coaches will need to check in at the event registration desk and show a government issued photo I.D. to receive a credential. 


If a coach cannot provide a photo I.D. and is not on the list or cannot produce the necessary documents, he or she will not be allowed a credential – no exceptions.  We strongly urge all coaches to have their cards with them.  Non-credentialed coaches will not be permitted in the designated coaching area at rink side during events including practice sessions. Coaching at U.S. Figure Skating events without compliance is an ethics violation which is reported to U.S. Figure Skating and PSA.

For more information regarding Coach Compliance, please refer to: