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Skate Dallas Entry Eligibility

Skate Dallas 2023
200 E Stacy Rd #1350, Allen, TX 75002

June 8-11, 2023


To be eligible, skaters must be members of either the Compete USA Program and / or full members of U.S. Figure Skating. To be eligible, skaters must have submitted a membership application or be a member in good standing. Members of other organizations are eligible to complete but must be registered with the host Compete USA Program / Club or any other Compete USA Program / Club.

Eligibility will be based on skill level as of the closing date of entries. All Snowplow Sam and BASIC 1- 6 skaters must skate at highest level passed or one level higher, and NO official U.S. Figure Skating tests may have been passed including Moves in the Field, or individual dances.

For the Pre-FREESKATE thru FREESKATE 6, eligibility will be based only upon highest Compete USA Free Skate test level passed (Moves in the Field test will not determine skater’s competitive level). Skaters may skate at highest level passed OR one level higher BUT not both levels in the same event during the competition.

The Special Olympics portion of this competition will be conducted in accordance with the Official U.S. Figure Skating Rule Book, the Special Olympics Winter Sports Rules, and the rules given in the announcement. The Special Olympian Competition is open to skaters 8 years or older who are receiving group or private instruction. Skaters must be registered as Special Olympians through the Special Olympics office.



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