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Competitors participating in events utilizing music are required to upload their music to EMS no later than May 28, 2021 11:59pm ET. After this date, skaters will be locked out of this feature and subject to a $35 late fee. The late fee will automatically be added to each skater's cart who doesn't meet this requirement by the deadline. Late fees will not be removed under any circumstances and must be paid prior to receiving the skater credential onsite.



If you need assistance, email


Online music submission is the ONLY acceptable method to submit program music. All competition music must be electronically submitted via the EMS Skater Portal through the Music & Program Content tab no later than the date noted in EMS ($35 administrative fee will apply). 

All music must be uploaded by the deadline.

The uploaded program music MUST conform to the following specifications:

Programs per file:        One (1) - Only one piece of competition program music (e.g. short program, free skate, showcase, etc.) per file is allowed.

File Format:                  mp3 - The uploaded file music must be an mp3 file.  Simply changing the file extension to “mp3” from another file format is not acceptable. MP3 is the only file format EMS will accept.

Bit Rate:                       192 kbps or higher and Sample Rate 44,100 kHz. This will be verified by the music chair and they may request you upload a corrected file.

Leaders/Trailers:           The Chief Music Coordinator requests that there be NO leader and NO trailer (the silence or “dead space” before and after the actual start and ed of the program music) Leaders/Trailers may not exceed two (2) seconds.  Excessive leaders and trailers may disrupt the playing of the music during competition.

Backup Music at Event (CDs)

In addition to submitting the music online, all competitors/teams must also have at least one (1) backup copy of their competition music on CD, AT RINKSIDE.  Electronic devices, such as phones, for playing music will NOT be accepted.  Have a backup CD ready!

CDs must meet the following requirements:

·          In standard Audio CD format (Compact Disc Digital Audio). Other formats, including mp3 are NOT acceptable.

·          Clearly marked with a permanent marker (e.g. Sharpie, do NOT use a label or tape) as follows: First Name, Last Name, (Club – Optional but requested), Event, Event Segment and Music Length (e.g. Jane Smith, Acme FSC, Novice Ladies, Free Skate, 3:10 or Synchro Team, Widget FSC, Preliminary, Free Skate, 1:59)

·          Each CD may have only ONE (1) music track on it. In the case where a skater competes in both a short program/dance and a free skate/free dance, two (2) separate discs must be available. Any disc with more than one (1) track is NOT acceptable.

·          Lead in time (time before the music begins) on CDs may not exceed two (2) seconds.

·          Due to the compatibility and reliability reasons, music may NOT be submitted on re-recordable “CD-RW” discs. PLEASE, no CD-RWs!!

The Local Organizing Committee (“LOC”), competition officials, and volunteers exercise reasonable care when handling CDs. However, they are not responsible for damage to or loss of any CDs. The LOC is not responsible for CDs not picked up by the end of the competition. Those CDs will be destroyed.




Interruption in Music – U.S. Figure Skating Rule 1403

If, after the competitor/team’s name has been called to compete, there is an issue with the downloaded music or CD provided at the event, the competitor will have up to 3 minutes to rectify the situation with a backup copy of the music on CD. After 3 minutes, the competitor/team will be considered withdrawn.

Administrative Fee for Incorrect Music or Failure to Upload Music

The LOC may assess each competitor/team an additional charge, up to $35.00 per event segment, to manually handle a team’s music, if the competitor/team: 1) fails to submit their music prior to the close of online music submission, 2) submits files that do not follow the specifications above, or 3) uploads the incorrect music for a given event segment (e.g. uploads short program music instead of the free skate). In the event the LOC decides to assess an administrative fee, the competitor/teams will not receive their credentials at registration until they pay the fee and turn in their music on CD, conforming to the requirements above.

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