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“Deborah Blount Memorial Trophy”

Will be presented to the

2024 Skate Dallas

Intermediate Ladies Final Round Winner



“Deborah Blount Memorial Award”

Debbie Blount was a long time member of the Dallas FSC, an adult skater and the mother of a young skater. She was an awesome human being who dedicated her life to volunteering! Because she announced at so many club hosted events, she was fondly called the “voice of the Dallas FSC”. This award was created in her memory, and is intended for Dallas FSC home club skaters and their families who accept volunteering with as much enthusiasm as Debbie did. Creativity and dedication to the Dallas FSC is also taken into consideration. This monetary award will be presented at the Dallas FSC Annual Business Meeting in May.

Past Recipients:

2022 - Sophia Dailey, Dallas FSC

2021 – Emma Chen, Dallas FSC

2020 - Canceled Due to Covid-19

2019 Recipient – Aleksandra Prudsky – SC of Houston

2018 Recipient – Avril Phillips, SC of Houston

2017 Recipient – Tamnhi Huynh, Dallas FSC

2016 Recipient – Hanna Harrell, Dallas FSC

2015 Recipient – Akane Eguchi, Dallas FSC

2014 Recipient – Ashley Lin, Stars FSC

2013 Recipient – Alice Gee, Texas Gulf Coast FSC

2012 Recipient – Riley Shin, Dallas FSC

2011 Recipient – Ashley Shin, Dallas FSC

2010 Recipient – Amber Glenn, Dallas FSC

2009 Recipient – Barbie Long, Springfield FSC

2008 Recipient – Cathy McNeill, Dallas FSC

Skate Dallas 2024
200 E Stacy Rd #1350, Allen, TX 75002

June 6-9, 2024

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