Skate Dallas Competition Information

Skate Dallas 2021
200 E Stacy Rd #1350, Allen, TX 75002

June 10-13, 2021

June 10-13, 2021

Hosted by
The Dallas Figure Skating Club

Allen Event Center and Allen Community Ice Rink
200 East Stacy Road Allen, TX 75002


FACILITIES: Allen Event Center & Community Ice Rink is located in Allen, Texas, at 200 East Stacy Road, Allen, TX 75002.
Both ice surfaces are 200’ x 85’ with rounded corners

Registration Due via EMS no later than April 30, 2021 Entry Page:
Payment via a secured credit card transaction

The 2021 Skate Dallas competition will be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of U.S. Figure Skating, as set forth in the current rulebook, as well as any pertinent updates which have been posted on the U.S. Figure Skating website.
This competition is open to all eligible, restricted, reinstated or readmitted persons as defined by the Eligibility Rules, and who are a currently registered member of a U.S. Figure Skating member club, a collegiate club or an individual member in accordance with the current rulebook. Please refer to the current rulebook for non-U.S. Citizens.
National Qualifying Series (NQS):
Skate Dallas 2021 is approved by U.S. Figure Skating as part of the National Qualifying Series. NQS points will be reported (both Singles and Pairs) for registered NQS participants entering Well Balanced FS/SP combined event for levels Intermediate thru Senior or for Well Balanced Juvenile FS competitors from initial round programs only. No other events will generate NQS points. Groups will be determined according to the guidelines in the 2021-22 NQS LOC Handbook _Requirements_to_Host.pdf

Well Balanced qualifying level events will be a Combined FS/SP for Intermediate thru Senior; and FS only for Juvenile and will serve as the reporting events for NQS registered skaters. ONLY initial round scores from Combined FS/SP events and Juvenile Freeskate will be reported for NQS registered skaters. Final round scores will NOT be reported for NQS points. Skaters must enter the correct NQS eligible events to receive NQS points.
Singles skaters may compete in only one additional separate Short Program event for further experience at their tested level or “skate up” one level. Separate SP events are not eligible for NQS points.
Pairs Skaters may compete in only one additional separate Pairs Free Skate event for further experience. Separate Pairs Free Skate events are not eligible for NQS points.
Final Rounds will be offered at the discretion of the chief referee if time permits and entries warrant at the PrePreliminary and higher levels. For initial rounds consisting of Free Skate only (PrePre thru Juvenile) final rounds will be based on initial rounds FS scores only. For combined events final rounds will be based on the combined SP and FS scores from initial rounds.
*Note – Limited Pre-Preliminary and Open Pre-Juvenile are not considered part of the standard competition levels but are offered based on past demand. For event requirements -- Limited PrePreliminary = No Test; and Open PreJuvenile = PreJuvenile (please refer to Eligibility section for Open PreJuvenile age requirements).

There are a couple of options for flying into the Dallas area. DFW Airport which is approximately 37 miles from the Allen Event Center and Community Ice Rink. Another nearby airport is Love Field in Dallas which is approximately 30 miles from the arena.

Locker rooms and changing areas at U.S. Figure Skating competitive events are for athletes only, will be labeled with regard to specific use and where identified will be gender specific. An exception can be made for athletes 10 years old and younger that will allow for one parent of the same gender to assist their child immediately prior to and after their skating event(s). Please review the Locker Room and Changing Area Policy and the SafeSport Handbook (both found on the U.S. Figure Skating SafeSport page).

Please refer to the Entry Section above for the judging system used for each event. Events judged with the International Judging System (IJS) require the submission of The Planned Program Content (PPC) form. This form is found in the Member’s Only section at The deadline to submit the form is May 5, 2021. Changes to the planned program content form will be accepted until 10 days prior to the competition. Forms turned in at the competition will not be accepted. Entries without the program content form will not be accepted. Late submission of PPC will incur a $35 late fee. If you need assistance, email

If you need assistance, email

Online music submission is the ONLY acceptable method to submit program music. All competition music must be electronically submitted via the EMS Skater Portal through the Music & Program Content tab no later than the date noted in EMS (an administrative fee will apply).
All music must be uploaded by the deadline. Please confirm the exact date on EMS.
The uploaded program music MUST conform to the following specifications:
     Programs per file: File Format:
Bit Rate: Leaders/Trailers:
One (1) - Only one piece of competition program music (e.g. short program, free skate, showcase, etc.) per file is allowed.
mp3 - The uploaded file music must be an mp3 file. Simply changing the file extension to “mp3” from another file format is not acceptable. MP3 is the only file format EMS will accept.
192 kbps or higher and Sample Rate 44,100 kHz. This will be verified by the music chair and they may request you upload a corrected file.
The Chief Music Coordinator requests that there be NO leader and NO trailer (the silence or “dead space” before and after the actual start and ed of the program music) Leaders/Trailers may not exceed two (2) seconds. Excessive leaders and trailers may disrupt the playing of the music during competition.
Backup Music at Event (CDs)
In addition to submitting the music online, all competitors/teams must also have at least one (1) backup copy of their competition music on CD, AT RINKSIDE. CDs must meet the following requirements:
- In standard Audio CD format (Compact Disc Digital Audio). Other formats, including mp3 are NOT acceptable.
• Clearly marked with a permanent marker (e.g. Sharpie, do NOT use a label or tape) as follows: First Name, Last Name, (Club – Optional but requested), Event, Event Segment and Music Length (e.g. Jane Smith, Acme FSC, Novice Ladies, Free Skate, 3:10 or Synchro Team, Widget FSC, Preliminary, Free Skate, 1:59)
• Each CD may have only ONE (1) music track on it. In the case where a skater competes in both a short program/dance and a free skate/free dance, two (2) separate discs must be available. Any disc with more than one (1) track is NOT acceptable.
• Lead in time (time before the music begins) on CDs may not exceed two (2) seconds.
• Due to the compatibility and reliability reasons, music may NOT be submitted on re-recordable “CD-RW” discs. PLEASE, no CD-RWs!!
The Local Organizing Committee (“LOC”), competition officials, and volunteers exercise reasonable care when handling CDs. However, they are not responsible for damage to or loss of any CDs. The LOC is not responsible for CDs not picked up by the end of the competition. Those CDs will be destroyed.
Interruption in Music – U.S. Figure Skating Rule 1403
If, after the competitor/team’s name has been called to compete, there is an issue with the downloaded music or CD provided at the event, the competitor will have up to 3 minutes to rectify the situation with a backup copy of the music on CD. After 3 minutes, the competitor/team will be considered withdrawn.
Administrative Fee for Incorrect Music or Failure to Upload Music
The LOC may assess each competitor/team an additional charge, up to $35.00 per event segment, to manually handle a team’s music, if the competitor/team: 1) fails to submit their music prior to the close of online music submission, 2) submits files that do not follow the specifications above, or 3) uploads the incorrect music for a given event segment (e.g. uploads short program music instead of the free skate). In the event the LOC decides to assess an administrative fee, the competitor/teams will not receive their credentials at registration until they pay the fee and turn in their music on CD, conforming to the requirements above.

Practice ice credit may be pre-purchased during registration online at the discounted price of $15 for each 20 (twenty) minute session. Pre-paid practice ice is non-refundable and may not be sold to other skaters. Practice ice can only be purchased through EMS online or in person at the competition registration/PI desk. After the schedule is released online sessions will be sold for $18 each session. Once the PI desk opens at the event, all remaining practice ice sessions will be sold for $20 each session.
Premium event day warmup ice (middle of the day) may be purchased at the practice ice desk, in person, for $20 for each 15-minute session and may be offered online after schedule is completed if space allows. NO MUSIC WILL BE PLAYED ON PREMIUM ICE.

OFFICIAL PRACTICES (session where music is played, included with event fee) will be assigned on Thursday, June 11th or possibly Wednesday June 10th if events begin on Thursday. Please plan your travel time to attend official practice day. The ability to play program music on other practice sessions will be on a first come-first serve basis as time permits and is NOT GUARANTEED.
Only uploaded music will be played on practice sessions. No CDs, phones, etc., will be accepted even if there is a problem with the uploaded music. Please verify all uploaded music BEFORE the Music upload deadline.
Summary $15 Pre-purchased 20-minute practice session credit (before schedule) $18 20-minute practice session online (after schedule release)
$20 at the competition desk

LIABILITY: U.S. Figure Skating, Dallas Figure Skating Club, and Allen Event Center & Allen Community Ice Rink accept no responsibility for injury or damage sustained by any participant in this competition. This is in accordance with Rule 1600 of the official U.S. Figure Skating Rulebook.

OFFICIAL NOTICES: An official bulletin board will be maintained at the arena. It is the responsibility of each competitor, parent and coach to check the bulletin board frequently for any schedule changes and/or additional information. Skaters are requested to arrive 45 minutes prior to the scheduled time of their event. A tentative schedule of events will be posted prior to the competition.
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