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The 39th Annual Skate Dallas Event LOC has created and implemented an Operations and Safety Plan for the competition.  A full copy of this document for your review is available by clicking the link below:





  • All attendees are always required to properly wear face coverings over their nose and mouth and secured under their chin while in a facility (exception: skaters may remove mask for their performance on the ice). This is not only for your protection, but for the protection of others and is applied to all attendees.

  • Social distancing must be maintained at all times. The CDC recommends a distance of 6 feet and separate pathways will be established within the venue (minimizing crossover and contamination).

  • Chaperones/Spectators: Skaters may have up to 2 chaperones and immediate family members attend their events as spectators being allowed inside the Arena into specific assigned seating areas during each skater’s assigned event times only (see POD schedule for exact arrival and departure times).  Chaperones/Spectators will be required to exit shortly after each event to allow for cleaning and separate use by next groups.  Chaperones/Spectators must follow flow path, POD arrival/departure schedule, mask wearing and social distancing directions and utilize their assigned large bleachers area while inside to ensure a safe space for all.

  • U.S. Figure Skating Waivers are a requirement for ALL athletes. The online waivers must be completed via Members Only prior to the competition, instruction here.

  • All registered competitors, chaperones and coaches will receive email notifications following close of registration detailing our Competition Covid-19 Safety Plan including flow, POD Schedule, and health/safety requirements for all attendees.   All health/safety documents will also be available for reference on our competition website


Series Information:

Due to Covid-19 restrictions various series may not be held at the discretion of USFSA.  Series points, if allowed, will be reported for registered participants that meet series requirements in approved events/levels only (see charts below).  Registered Skate Dallas competitors and coaches will be notified by email regarding any series points if/when program details are confirmed by USFSA.  NQS Series has now been announced cancelled for the 2021/22 season.  Skate Dallas 2021 meets requirements for Excel Series live event points for the 2021 season for series registered skaters.

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